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Amacon has been one of the most powerful real estate development and construction companies in Canada more than four decades in business. The constructor situated in Mississauga who has recognized well-known popularity for putting the standard in long term value with each and every project they provide. The Mississauga-based builder has projects located all over the Greater Toronto Area and has been ranking among the most prominent companies in Canada renowned for raising the bar in long term value with every single development.

Driven by a passion for detail and a tradition of excellence in design and architecture, Amacon is recognized as one of Canada’s most influential real estate development and construction firms. Amacon’s vision is to continue to be one of Canada’s largest and most successful builders for decades to come. Laying the foundation with excellence today, Amacon controls all aspects of the development process.

Amacon’s success is based on strong, mutually beneficial relationships. Attentive after-sales service gives customers the peace of mind to feel secure in their purchase decision. Amacon recognizes that all participants in the development process from capital providers and homebuyers, to employees, contractors and suppliers expect to receive consistent treatment recognized as honest, forthright and upstanding. It is through fair and honest dealings in the value-added chain that Amacon can help all participants achieve their goals.

With five decades of development and construction expertise, a precise level of design and craftsmanship is evident in all the homes and commercial developments that Amacon builds. To create a product with long-term value, it is imperative to understand a customer’s wants and needs. With ongoing market research, Amacon is able to provide a product that is both innovative and functional.

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